Help with venting solutions

Hi just posting again in hope someone will help.

Im waiting on my bullet to arrive and looking at venting solutions. Has anyone tried or does anyone know if using a wood burning stove already in the room, would work as a vent. Ie attaching some venting tubing and a hood to near the roaster and venting it out the chimney?

Happy to share my roasting knowlege as a commerical speciality coffee roaster for 10 years on profiles or anything else needed. Thnk you

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Can’t give you an answer based upon direct experience. Just an opinion that without a draft in the wood stove exhaust flue from high heat from flames to start the draft moving upward you would have the opportunity to have smoke going where ever it wants. If you can direct flow initially by inserting a Y-section into the pipe with a damper fed by an in-line fan you might get somewhere. But that defeats your purpose I imagine by requiring an in-line fan which you can vent directly outside.

Again this is just my speculation. Really need someone to jump in here that has tried it.


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Thanks very much Bruce! I will let you know how we get on.

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I saw some options people provided on the Facebook group if that helps out at all.

Also there’s a quick video on YT. i can find it and post here if you want me to?

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Thank you so much! Yes i would love to see the video please.

Here you go.


Ive got the inifnity in line fan.
Just got to get the vent duct a Y connector and then a flue to the outside

Once I’ve done that ill post a pic or 2

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I’m not sure about passive venting through the chimney - there may not be sufficient draught to bring the exhaust fumes to the outside. It may work if you used an inline fan to push the exhaust through the flue. I have an open venting setup with an inline fan to vent exhaust to the outside. So far it works very well.

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What is the base that you are using to support the vent hood?

I’m quite happy with this. I have a cheapo dryer vent fan sucking the air out. It’s more than far enough away to not affect airflow from the bullet. The duct is only about 2.5’ long. I tried the 3D printed adapter but I had too much smoke coming out from eksewhere


popped up for the first batch tonight

Thanks all for the suggestions. After more research I have decided to avoid using the chimney as it could lead to a build up of oils. Am going for the s4 inline fan setup out the window and will post a pic when all set up. You can follow me on radicalroastersuk on instagram if interested, Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi catoshea10l2bh I just wanted to post my use of a simple venting setup that used a 100 cfm inline fan and flexible ducting. It vents about 6 ft away from the Bullet. Uses a 6" to 4" adaptor and 4" ducting to an external window. the whole setup was about $30 (USD) with the primary costs being a setup from Amazon which had the inline fan, ducting and a wired plug for fan at $24. the 6" inlet is mounted about 5" over the exhaust vent so it has plenty of ability to pull in air without adding any negative pressure to the Bullet airflow dynamics. It works great.
[Amazon Link]

Hi Bob, I use a retort stand with clamps to keep the hood in place over the exhaust area of the Bullet.

Thanks. It has a nice clean look!