High Bean Temp. Probe Charge Temp?

Hey Fam.

How are some of you achieving the higher (upwards of 210 deg. C) bean temperature probe charge temps?

The highest bean temp. probe reading I’ve ever been able to drop in at was about 210 deg. C I think.

I’d like to be able to do 1kg light roast in about 8min 30sec and see that some of you have been able to achieve this with these higher charge temps.

Is your PH temp set to the highest already? My PH for my 1kg batch is 572F / 300C IBTS which gives me a 407F / 208C BT temp once it stabilizes (20-25 mins preheat time for 1st batch of the session)

My FC time on a 1kg with the 572F PH is about 9 mins on average (Ethiopia Agaro seems to be a bit faster every time, just after 8 mins).

For me a BT charge temp of about 400F / 204C is about right. Eons ago when I took a 2-day roasting class on a 12kg Probat (gas fired) the instructor did say a temp of 400F is a good starting point on a roaster like that. Use that info for what it is worth.

Happy roasting.

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