High grown Columbian

So I have a Columbian bean that’s been challenging to me. It is very dense. It is supposed to be a special lot that was vacuum packed @ origin. I’m curious how you guys would approach a coffee like this? I feel like I need to start right over on getting a profile dialed in. I’ve kinda got stuck in a rut.
Would you give it a fast start or longer “soak”?
Would you try hit FC fairly aggressive?
Any ideas would be awesome.

This is the info I have,
Attitude: 1950 meters
Process: washed
Region: Ancuya
Variety: Castillo

Unless a person roasted, cupped and profiled that very bean, it would be guesswork on my part to tell you exactly what to do. But, bean density (as a component of several) is very interesting and can be fun to follow/implement. There are some basic principles that apply for roasting dense beans and here are a couple of the better resources I’ve seen on the subject that I think will help you set your plan.

Mill47 Coffee - Green Bean Density

In the video link below, around the 4:50 mark, Joe Marrocco discusses the approach to more dense, higher altitude beans. I’ve watched these guys for years and frankly, if I could have afforded it, would have purchased a roaster from them. Love my Bullet, just saying the Mill City guys are very good at what they do, especially the training.

Mill City Roaster School Online - Ep #2 - Drying/Yellowing

Great article. Ya I have watched all the Mill City video’s. But I should again. I think I’d get even more out of them on the second time. I like Joe Marrocco’s approach to specialty coffee.