Holding longer between FC and SC

As the title says, what is the best way to allow for more development between FC and SC? It seems like I’m maintaining a good ROR, but, I’m also ending first crack and jumping directly into second.

Any help would be appreciated. I’m new.

Recent roast: Roast World - Cup, grade, and analyze your coffee roasts in depth

I will give you an example of what I do. Take it with a grain of salt or as others say: YMMV.

Try to gradually reducing the power so that you have more of a decreasing ROR

Here is a screen grab of an Ethiopian that I roasted in August. It is a light roast.
Note how I am gradually decreasing the power At the end, I have more time to pick my drop temp.

This is pretty much a classic Rao ROR.

Below is a link to a recent Ethiopian Durato Bombe, which is a fruit bomb which I roasted to a medium dark roast. I dropped when the Bean temp was 425F

It has more chocolate flavors but still lots of berry and a touch of spice. I made a double long shot of espresso with it and put it in a thermos and sipped on it while I was driving for six hours. Every time I would take a sip, it made me smile.

Here is a link to the roast:

I used a recipe for this roast:

These are things that work for me. I am still experimenting and roast a lot of coffee. My neighbors love my “not up to par” roasts.


Welcome to Roast World Community,

This is the link for the beans you roasted in the subjected profile :

These are the potential notes you may get in your cup :

syrupy sweet, heady aroma that’s fruited and perfumed, coconut palm sugar, floral blueberry, marionberry syrup, cranberry

.the altitude between 2000-2200 with around 11% moisture

From your profile, you are more into Dark Roast, is that what really do you are really targeting!? Heavy body, high bitterness, low acidity and barely noticeable fruity notes!?

I am not questioning your taste, just confirming what do you really want to get in your cup in order to advise you properly.

@billc … you and I roast similarly :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I’m going for a dark roast. I’m dropping as soon as second crack rolls.

The only thing I may think of is the beans are entertaining the development phase with low momentum, the beans takes longer time to finish the first crack. I suggest you boost the power to accelerate the first crack.

Let me know if that works for you.

Regards and happy roasts.

So since I’m pretty much holding P9 the entire way, ur saying keep F2 up to the yellow point then up to F3?

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After first crack, you changed the Power from P9 to P7. Hold on P9 until the SC.

There is one more issue, try to charge the beans on a higher temp.

I have a different view after looking at the profile. I roast 1kg regularly and I feel the profile is actually “fast” for 1kg compared to mine. It takes me average between 13 and 15 mins to roast 1kg and I start with slightly lower PH temp. The PH temp in the OP’s profile is already practically at the max for the Bullet. I tend to roast medium-dark, dropping around 425-435F IBTS. I mean YP at under 4 mins for 1kg to me is “fast” which seems to imply there is plenty of momentum. Also, an approx 1 min between FCE and SC seems reasonable… Just my 2 cents.

I’m trying for an 8:30ish first crack, if I charge higher I’ll hit it earlier correct? What would u suggest for a charge?

I came from a SR800, so my times were 8:30 for FC then at about 2 min into FC I’d push it to second crack with about a 1:30ish between. SC would put me about 1230-1310ish. At that point, I’d wait for a rolling SC and Immediately drop.

What would ur charge be?

Another follow FreshRoast roaster :slight_smile: I jumped from the SR500 with extension tube to the Bullet 2 yrs ago - I had to forget everything I did on the SR because a fluid air roaster is just different roasting than a drum roaster. Take a look at this one I just did yesterday (which incidentally was a “dark” according to RoastVision):

My PH is consistently at 572F. I tried higher earlier on and it was too much for me (got some scorched beans to boot). I did two others at 1kg yesterday, similar roasting plan. I let it “heat soak” roughly the first minute before I bump up the P and then do a slow step down similar to BillC.

There’s no one way of doing this, but this is how I am able to have some control of my roast so it doesn’t runaway on me. I found if I want to go darker I can tinker on the earlier parts to stretch it out a little bit so I have momentum going into SC if I wanted it (rarely do).

Happy Roasting

I’m so used to the fresh roast it’s hard to say I want to learn something else, but, gotta grow haha.

I tried to review the roast and it said the link may be broken or deleted.

That’s weird… try that??

Works! Thank you.

Ref to the profile you shared earlier, you got your first crack at 8:00, if you charged to a higher temp, you will shorten the overall roasting phases. If you want to delay the FC to 8:30, you should reduce the power after the yellow point, increase the fan speed or charge the beans on a lower temp.