How do i get a recipe from roast world to roast time?

I have emailed Aillio and it seems all simple except it doesn’t show in roast time after I follow the obvious steps under action to download.
The recipe shows in roast world but will not sync to to roast time.

when in roastworld on the roast you’re interested in. look to the top right hand side where it says actions. Click that and there’ll be an option to save roasts which when clicked will save the roast profile to your roastime . You can filter saved roasts by selecting the downloaded roasts option from the little down arrow next to ALL YOUR ROASTS. Hopefully that’ll help.

Thank you for responding, I had 2 different emails and deleted this gmail acct and am using the same email from hotmail i have with roast time and the recipes are synching. Not sure that was the problem but seems to have worked. I just need to put in action. Thanks again

Sync requires you be logged into RT3 and R.W with the same account. Find/save the Recipe on R.W, then Sync RT3. Barring a server issue that should get it done.


a belated thank you, I emailed the aillio folks who helped as well and I had 2 different emails instead of just one to synch to.