How do I use a recipe?

I am new and am trying to learn how to roast great coffee on my Bullet. I saved a couple of recipes that looked promising but I am not sure how to use them. Do they automatically switch the roaster from PH to Roast to Cool at the right time? I let the program run and it never switched. What am I doing wrong? My apologies for the basic question but I looked everywhere and I can’t find how to roast from a recipe.

Thank you!!!

A recipe does not press the PRC button for you.

When you start a recipe, the “start preheat” prompt shows just like a one off roast. Once you get that underway, the rest of the recipe will begin and some charting will happen until you reach the required charge temperature. Once you charge the beans, then the recipe will take over with changes to drum, heat and fan as laid out. You should press the PRC button when you have reached your end goal to switch to cooling. You might want to put a step in the recipe to flag “time to drop now” as a reminder.

You can hit F1 when cooling to run a B2B roast and use the same recipe over until you cancel the recipe. You can also have both an overlay and recipe going so you can see whether your recipe is actually staying true to the source and make manual changes/tweaks if necessary.

Hope that helps