How do you change RoastTime to Fahrenheit?

First time using the Windows version of RT2, and it is not at all obvious how to change the units to Fahrenheit? The roaster is already set that way, but the SW comes up in Celsius. Where is the setting to change that?

On my Mac, near the bottom of the left sidebar there is a Settings icon. Roasting Settings, at the bottom of the list, offers temperature units.


  • Brad

Thanks Brad. It turns out it’s because I hadn’t logged in, and was using it as guest.

Hey Aillio folks — the settings to change the UI colors and the temperature units need to be saved locally on the computer. You should not have to log in to RoastWorld to use the basic functions of the roaster, and setting the temperature units to the local standard is a very fundamental function.

Also please consider duplicating the main functions (or at least settings/prefs) in the top menu bar. Thanks.

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Just don’t :pray: