How do you cool while pre-heating for next batch?

Hello all,

This must be in the manual or on this forum somewhere, but for efficiency I’d like to know.

Also, is there a way to cool a batch while even roasting the next one?



Of late, I pour my hot beans into a big aluminium bowl. As such, I live in Darjeeling where the winter temperature can be quite low. The aluminium bowl works quite well.

Yes! It’s called “back to back roasting” in the manual:

Back to Back roasting
To start a new roast while the beans are still being cooled down, press F1 in the Bean
Cooling mode. The clock display will show bAC indicating that you are doing a back to
back roast. To begin again, set your preheat temperature and press PRS. To stop the
cooling tray, press F2 to toggle to the C value, which is the speed of the cooling tray
and press the down button to lower the speed. Once 0 is reached, the option to control
the cooling tray will disappear and only Fan and drum speed will be available using F2.

The Bullet f/w continues Cool mode while you start the Preheat for the next batch (Back-to-Back). Just keep going. I’ve never gotten into the next roast before Cool was finished so I have to guess that Cool continues till you purposely end it or it times out (C9 in the lowest-right window, then repeatedly press “-” button till you exit Cool mode).


While in cooling mode you press F1, then the PRS button and the cooler will stay on and it will begin preheating. When you’re done cooling drop cooling power to 0 and it will go away. Note that you cannot turn cooling power back up after you turn it off in back-to-back mode.