How do you update firmware?

So I have searched and read the manual and I cant find a procedure to update firmware.
The last thing I want to do is lock it up by doing something wrong after all this time I have waited to get one .


Do I simply hit the “update firmware” in RT2 ?
Does the R1 need to be in the “off” mode?

I just loaded RT2 this evening for the 1st time and everything went smooth, so maybe I don’t need to manually update…idk?

I want to update becasue the colors on my profile are inverted in the graph from what the legend shows in that box at the top slightly off center to the right.

It shows my IBTS sensor color as the low # and the reg bean temp as the higher line on the graph.
The dialog boxes on the left column show it correct (with ITBS being the higher #)

I hope this makes since .

thank you

I’m not a credible source but I’ll tell you what I think I have done using Win 10 to update Bullet f/w-

  • Power up the Bullet & leave it in OFF mode
  • Connect USB cable to your external computer
  • If it isn’t already running, launch RT and on the Menu bar choose Tools > Update Firmware
  • RT will report your current f/w version with check boxes for Stable or Beta… your choice. I’m using f/w 523 (which I believe is still listed as a Beta) without any apparent problems
  • If you’re not up-to-date, launch the update. (I may be missing 1 iteration but following the prompts will get it done)

Wait time depends on your i’net & USB connections.

I get the impression this is a new machine and installation. You will need to do a calibration of Exhaust Fan speed. You’ll have to search for the instructions for that here on R.W. Jacob posted them 2 or 3 months ago.

When setting temperature curve colors, you have to be connected to the internet. There’s an issue with color selection which Aillio thinks they have fixed but there’s still an issue where Exit Temp and RoR are reversed. I’ve seen indication it sets correctly, but when I later look at a chart I’ve found it reversed. Just set Exit Temp to the color you want for RoR, and set RoR to some color suitable for the X-axis (Time). I’d suggest using 4 distinctly different colors which will make RT (and your) errors more apparent; fine tune them later.

I think the reversal may have to do with charts being saved in R.W. You should have no issue with correlation between selection of color for Bean Temp or IBTS/Drum Temp compared to chart display.

As I understand it, there probably won’t be anything much happening with RT for awhile as they focus on changes to R.W.


Missed the point of what you were saying… mea culpa! What I’m referring to regarding color is that of the temp curves displayed in RT. I’ve never paid attention to the box at the top to see if there’s proper correlation between legend and curve while roasting. I just looked at a chart on R.W and the same chart in RT an I see that the colors displayed in RT are different than the colors displayed on R.W. I’m happy with what I have in RT but R.W charts… not so much. The issue may be that there are changes being made in R.W right now.


I updated firmware last week from 512 to 515 stable along the lines of what Bruce described. I haven’t noticed any color problems when doing two subsequent roasts. But I’m still running RT 2.2.0 beta.

Now that I’ve run f/w 515 without problems, I will update RT to 2.5.0 using the RoasTime Downloads site…

Thanks every one for the info. It says I am currently using 531 beta FW and my RT version is 2.5.0 stable . I am going to do some more seasoning roasts and will try to figure out what is going on with my temp lines on the graph not matching the box at top…heck, maybe they have nothing to do with each other?
Ill play around and let you know.

Also I found the fan calibration thread, since this Bullet is brand new, would that have not been done at factory? Or should I do it anyway?

Sounds like you’re good to go on f/w. Time to get serious about some good coffee! :wink:


Ok so here is a pic during PH and it also has the lines inverted with respect to actual temp

red bean temp is 125.4 degs
blue IR drum temp is 245.3 degs

but the red line (cooler temp) is clearly above (hotter) on the graph?

is this a problem or is my ignorance to RT the problem?

Sorry for all the posts about this , but I appreciate everyone time in helping me understand / figure this out .

So here is a pic right after charge, showing the same inverted colors .

I also can not toggle between ROR and drum temp using the B button . It only shows ROR …
If I am understanding that function correctly, I should hit the B button and go between those two values.
The A button toggles between IRBT and normal probe, but the B button does not work for the Drum temp??

I hope these are just newbie mis understanding and not an indication of problems

The only reason this is important to me is I would like to be able to duplicate roasts once I get one dialed in, and I am afraid these issue might compromise that ability .

Maybe I should just roast coffee …lol.

It sounds like an additional issue has crept in for color setting that also affects bean temp & IBTS. I set my colors for those 2 parameters using RT 2.5.1-alpha which has since been replaced with 2.5.0-stable. Your understanding is not at fault. I’d suggest setting whichever parameter gets the colors the way you want on-screen and don’t look back. Same for Exit Temp & RoR.


You’ll get over the button pushing phase soon. :wink:

For me, the chart is more helpful in that it shows trend where the Control Panel requires you to create mental imagery. Distracting from my perspective, though you may not agree. I believe some button/display functions on the Control Panel vary with temps monitored by the Bullet f/w. Jacob needs to step in here to confirm/correct my recollection.


Ok so got some more time in on this and the color correlate to what I set them but the lines on the graph as the roast progresses is certainly backwards. (even during preheat) .

My fear is that when I get to a place where I want to replicate a roast, it will be wrong .

Am I articulating my issue well enough?
looking at my posted pics the cooler temp line (red) is showing hotter than the hotter temp line (blue) , this seems like it could cause problems on playback trying to hold a curve that is backwards???

RT knows which temp is which. The displayed values are always correct relative to the function. The colors are a later addition that still have some growing pains.

In my case, Beam Temp and IBTS are always displayed in the color I set and are always in the same location, i.e. Bean Temp is always less than IBTS. With current f/w and s/w, Exhaust temp is always fixed along the X-axis (Time) since I don’t have that option. RoR is always swinging around and pretty much useless for quantitative measurement but highly useful for trend. Color of RoR vs. Exhaust Temp in RT is the issue. But once set it has been stable. I’ve never seen anything change that I haven’t caused to happen.

The color preferences in RT do not affect what I see on R.W… that’s still Aillio color palate.


Ok , if I should start a new thread please tell me but on top of the concern here about graph temps being reversed( still have not replayed a roast so don’t know if it affects anything) ,I have come across another bug maybe?

When I go to my roast history tab in RT , and click on the “eye” symbol to view the roast profile , I get arrows to left and right which I assume is to scroll to the next profile… and It will switch to the next profile and even the 3rd one, but it will not scroll to the 4th one. I have to back out and manually go to it. Also , once I scroll to the 3 rd profile I can only go back the the 2nd, it will not ,let me go to the 1st one again . So I have to back out and click on the 1st roast.
I currently have 5 profiles saved and I have tried in both windows and get the same result. By both windows I mean the recent list (horiz at top)and the lower window which lists the roasts vertically .

I guess this would be a minor issue that I can get around but coupled with the other issue I am wondering if I have bigger problems?

Once again any input would be welcome…even if that input is “please stop with it !!!” lol


I admit that I don’t usually bother with that sort of navigation and prefer to select the file directly- you’ll see why when you accumulate more roast data. So I just checked RT and tried navigating with the arrows. I didn’t seem to have any trouble moving forward/backward using the arrows. I wonder if you have the latest version of RT… ?? They’ve made a number of changes without giving any indication what’s in the changes. In fact the current RT 2.5.3-alpha has had 3 iterations all with the same top identity. If you have Windows you can look at Properties of the d/l’ed file and select Details. That will give you the Build number (currently 189). Dunno how to check this with other OSs.

Also in this current release (189) I found that the color selection for the chart parameters are now correct, i.e. setting Drum, Bean, Exit or RoR all show up properly now.


Btw… when I was trying the arrows I made a few edits to the Comment box and found the changes didn’t show up immediately. I suspect R.W database is somehow involved and has to be updated first. I don’t really know where the data is coming from… local? R.R? Dunno. I have no clue how to look at what I have saved locally.

Thanks Bruce , I will check that this evening .

These seem to be minor and my real concern is that when I replay a roast, the temp issue does not hurt anything.