How does Batch Numbering work in RoasTime?

i can see and set the batch numbers in the settings.

I want to see the batch numbers when i look at a roast, as well as in the roast history.
In the roast history, i would expect a column to display the batch number.

I did look for it, but i only see batch numbers in the settings. Can anyone elaborate how batch numbers are supposed to work in roastime?

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Hey @ben.Y1FF , this feature is actually partially implemented. We were using a number we received from the roaster, but it turned out to not be accurate enough and had to change tactics. We have a ticket to change/finish it - but there hasn’t been enough to demand to prioritize it. We may be able to slip it into our next chunk of work though.

thanks for your honest answer!

i’d be super happy to see this working. I have been documenting and counting most my batches for some time now (GitHub - benovic/roasting: roasting coffee). Using Artisan that worked pretty well and i was able to even automate stuff a little bit, for example a nice way of putting the roast curve and additional info on a generated “per-batch label” that i can effortless print and slap on the bags :slight_smile:
this included a simple google form link as a qr-code, to scan the label and leave feedback on the coffee - helpful for my growth.

I dont expect this to work the same, but at least keeping track of my batches is way easier if i get a newly allocated number for each batch.

I hope others are interested in the batch counter, too, so you can prioritize this a little bit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Take a look at how Roest works. They just number each batch as the name. I usually leave just the number and then fill in the bean and other meta data for the roast.