How does one follow users/roasters?

I see follow and following when you click on users but how do you actually do it? Can’t find how to follow another roaster. It appears has worked at one point since I’ve seen that some people have followers and are following.


Yeah, I noticed that too, and was wondering the same thing.


This feature/info isn’t complete yet. The data that currently exists is from the Roast World V1. We do have plans to extend this functionality though.

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Hello Derrick,
Any planned date for this functionality?
Is there a GitHub page to follow for the app?
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Hey everyone,

This feature is still in the back-log for now and we don’t have an exact date for when this will land. As you all know, we have a small dev team and so our main focus recently has been to improve the stability of RoasTime and Roast World.

@Grrr, we’ve been discussing internally on how we can have a somewhat public issue tracker for users to track known issues, etc. But this is still an ongoing discussion.


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