How long does Firmware update take


I just got my Aillio Bullet.

I have RoastTime 3.4.0
plugged in to my Bullet and select Firmware update to latest stable version.

The progress bar is stuck at 0% for a while now (20 minutes) how long does these firmware updates usually take ?

Can I unplug and retry upgrade or what are the steps after this ?


Should take a max of 5 min or so. Something likely happened. Your roaster may already be in bootloader (if it beeped multiple times). You can definitely retry it. If you can’t seem to get it working, our latest beta version has a lot of added fixes for firmware updating you can get on our slack: Slack

Hi, I’m a BRAND NEW owner of a well-loved R1 V1.5 bullet and am encountering the same issues @iantsai86hopo mentioned above. The previous owner tells me he hasn’t used this machine in about a year, so perhaps it just has a lot of updates to perform? The progress bar has been stuck at 1% since I started 20 or so mins ago… Any tips or guidance would be most appreciated!

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I had the same issue with the 1.5. Download the old version of the software (2.5 or something) and update from that. Worked like a champ for me. Google for link to software.


@javascout try this link that was posted on another similar thread. Legacy RoasTime - aillio