How to add beans

How do you add beans? The side window is only there for a couple seconds and then disappears and I can’t get back to it.

I add beans in and that works fine.

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From this page I am on now, how would I get to do that!

You need to login to your profile at which looks like below

Then click on that bean icon which will open up two options “My beans” and “find beans”

You can add from either options but I suggest you search first to see if data is already there for the bean you’re adding then click on the + to add. This data is crowd sourced so there is bound to be something there (and unfortunately a lot of duplicates).

If you’re lucky, after you add your beans and weight and run a roast off that, it won’t zero out your weight like it’s been doing for a while. Best I can do is add the bean there so I can reference it, but as far as inventory, I believe that’s still an issue.

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Hey, can you update to v3.1.3 of RT and let me know if this problem still exists?

Hi. I roasted this morning, but didn’t attempt to enter my stock weight, because I hadn’t seen any movement or replies in Slack where I originally posted the issue. Sorry - If I had seen your question before roasting I’d have definitely replied with the result. Maybe I’ll try a roast tomorrow morning and see.