How to change the charge temperature?


Hi all, experienced roaster here, first time sitting down with the Bullet. Purchased very recently so it came with the IBTS sensor installed. I can’t figure out how to change the charge temperature - is this function possible? sorry if this is a dumb question… can’t find answers for this anywhere :S
I’m running v2.2-beta on a Mac computer…


@greg.batoni22 - Welcome aboard!

If you mean the Preheat Temp (which will be the same as the Charge temp), it has to be modified before you start the Preheat cycle. Basically it is a change that has to be made in the “Off” status of the Control panel. Once you start the Preheat cycle, the Preheat setting stays on whatever setting (either power-on default or one you set). You can cycle back around from Preheat to Off (via the PRS) button in case you need to start over and change a Preheat setting.

The Online Manual (page 16 or 17) has a section titled “Preheating the R1” that has a graphic of the control panel with the “+” and “-” buttons highlighted that you use to change the Preheat temp. Preheat setting and Drum temp share the same read-out which is why you will see the (2) numbers alternating. Have fun…:sunglasses:



Hi there @PapasCup!
Thanks for the reply. Somehow I totally missed this info in the openers manual…
Thanks for the explanation, I really appreciate it.


You’re welcome! If I had a dollar for every time I missed something in the manual…:upside_down_face: