How to create new Tags for taste profile in MISC

when adding new beans I like to list the supplier’s (and later my own) description of flavours.
As I understand the MISC editbox is meant for this, but I couldn’t find a way to create own tags.

For example the generic flavour “Raspberry” doesn’n exist, instead I’m left with the choice of

  • macerated raspberry
  • candied raspberry
  • Raspberry ice’d tea
  • raspberry jam

It seams that somehow it was possible to add own tags, maybe somebody can point me to the right direction. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help,

Yeah, I see what you mean… seems to pick the closest thing to what is already there. You can add a comma to truncate the suggested string but then you have a new tag that reads like a run-on sentence which will end up being unique to one bean; or a new tag that ends in a comma which is not what you want. Tag creation seems to be gone except as a long comma-separated list. Maybe Derrick can jump in here when he gets back.


Hey @corpswalker & @bab,

This has not been migrated from the old as yet. However, I will add this to the backlog to enable this features asap.

Thanks for pointing this out!

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@derrxb Great, thanks!