How to fill the tryer in small batches?

As captioned, oftentimes my roast would be 300-500 grams and I constantly find it difficult to fill the tryer with regular drum speed D3 (I guess higher drum speed might work but I fear it may cause other unwanted side effects, such as flinging the beans wildly and get stuck somewhere, or uneven heating). Any better idea?

Your issue with the tryer may have something to do with drum speed. At D9 the beans are thrown past the tryer and miss it; at low speeds the beans aren’t thrown far enough to hit the tryer. I’m roasting 550 gm batches and have no issue with the tryer at D8 but lower speeds get progressively worse as drum speed is slowed.


@carusyte your D3 is too low for 300-500g batches. I stick with D9 for my 350-500g batches and the trick to fill the tryer is when you rotate it clock-wise stop for a sec at the 11 o’clock position before pulling it out at the 12 o’clock position. I usually get it filled enough to smell and see.

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