How to Properly Sample and Scale a Cupping Roast

Hey all - two part question here:

  1. Does anyone have a basic roasting profile they use for a cupping roast? I am currently using 350g as my size, and following the basic recipe provided with the V2, to some level of success, but wanted to see if there were any other hard and fast rules that I should pay attention to from more experienced roasters.
  2. Have any of you found a reliable way to sample roasts without burning through tons of coffee? I am primarily doing 1kg roasts if I’m not doing a sample, since I want to keep my variables consistent. The problem is that if I don’t love it, I just wasted an entire kg of coffee instead of a smaller amount, but I don’t quite know how to trial it in smaller sizes and then scale it back to a 1kg batch with any amount of consistency. Thanks for all your help, and any tips are appreciated!