How to Speed Up Roast & FC


I’m roasting a natural Ethiopian and trying to dial it in. Thus far the coffee in the cup has been good. Even so, I’d like to shorten the roast time by perhaps 30 to 45 seconds just to see the difference it makes in the cup…meaning getting the same roast profile at the end but in a slightly shorter timeframe. My FC SEEMS lively enough but it drags on too long as well…so…

I run 450g of beans (the only coffee drinker at my home)…preheat @455F…D9 throughout, F4 throughout except before the end of the roast…P7, P6, & P5 along the way…roasting at 64F ambient with 40% humidity (chilly here lately but I roast inside in my basement). Honestly not sure why I include all this because my question is…

If you were going to slightly shorten a roast what parameter would you adjust FIRST…preheat temp up one step perhaps?? Or??

Thanks to all who provide their thoughts.

Hello Tenacean,

If you increase the preheat temp and increased the charging temp, you will shorten all the phases of the roast (Drying, milard and development),

But note, shortening the dry phase may lead to a grassy notes in your coffee,

Personally, I prefer to deal with a phase by phase, instead of shorting the whole roast process, I may consider shortening the milard or the development time based on what I am looking for.

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