How to track inventory in Roast World and RoasTime

Is there a post/manual on how the inventory system in Roast World is supposed to work?
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Hey @patrick.beall,

Currently there is no manual discussing how the inventory should work. However, we are working internally to improve the overall documentation for Roast World and RoasTime.

Here’s a step by step walkthrough of how to track inventory on Roast World and RoasTime:

  1. Visit the Create a new bean page to start adding a bean: Roast World - Cup, grade, and analyze your coffee roasts in depth

  2. Add a new bean or select an existing one. Select Yes for the Add to My Bean inventory so I may track inventory question.

  3. Enter your in-stock weights and cost (optional) and click Add to Inventory

  4. After completed, you will be redirected to your My Beans page with the newly added bean showing in the list.

  5. Create a roast profile and link it to the bean in your inventory. Once the green weight is added to the roast profile, your bean’s in-stock amount will deduct automatically.

    Roast World (is also editable on RoasTime)

  6. View your beans details and see the YOUR INVENTORY section to see your inventory changes.

I have one more question. Just to be sure.
In step 3, the Default cost is the cost for the whole amount of coffee received? or cost per lb?
Thank you for being so helpful!

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There really needs to be descriptive text for this field as there is for the quantity field. I get confused on this one every time I input new beans.

Back in the day we called them “tool tips” that pop up when you over your cursor over a part of the UI :slight_smile: