How to trigger the upload from RoasTime to RoastWorld?

I am not sure what triggers the roasts to upload from the RoasTime software to RoastWorld. I see roasts on the machine that aren’t yet uploaded. Some of the earlier ones are, but I don’t know how they get transferred. If I shut down the software, will they get lost? There seems to be no button or menu entry on the software to upload them.

When I shut down the software, the roasts were uploaded. Perhaps this is the trigger? I’ll use that going forward, but any comments are welcome.

Go to your Roast.World Dashboard and refresh the page while RT is connected. It may be possible to initiate it from RT but this works.


This was my first thought, but this did not work for me.

I’m just speculating, but…

Are the new roasts listed on the Roast History page in RT? If they are, can you view those charts in RT? If you can view the chart(s) of the roasts that are missing in R.W Dashboard, then I would suspect your internet connection or possibly the login. Do you have more than one login ID? If you do, you need to confirm both RT and R.W are set to the same one you used when you roasted.

That’s all I can come up with. Maybe others have an idea… ??


First, let me say that closing the RT software seems to have uploaded the roasts.

My new roasts are listed in Roast History in RT, but they do not automatically upload after completion. I can view the chart and everything, but they don’t get uploaded to RW apparently until the software is shut down.

Ideally I would like to have an upload roasts button or something similar so they don’t get lost if something goes wrong with the internet connection before the next roast.

I see roast history update in R.W Dashboard during a roasting session without taking any action. As a precaution, though, I confirm they’re sync’ed before I leave RT. On at least 1 occasion I left RT without R.W having updated (i’net connection issue), so I re-launched RT before updating the Dashboard but found it had already synced. If a roast is missing I’ve always been able to make it appear by refreshing the R.W page.

Doesn’t seem plausible but I wonder if there’s some unique browser behavior that makes our 2 Win 10 machines act differently… ?? (I would guess very few others are using Firefox!)


I could be wrong on this but either in the “File” or “Edit” menu selections at the top (I’m going from memory), there is an option to “Update”. I believe this will sync the roast to Roast World. At least it seems to for me.