How to turn on average ror per phase

Hey guys.
Is there an option how to turn on average ror per every phase of roast?

I feel like I saw screens of this on earlier versions and would love to have this with 4 also!

I think what you are asking about is a setup item in Edit Settings → Roast Config → Phases. You can set expected values for each roast Phase…

The issue is that these values are bean-specific, so you would have to modify the Phase settings for different beans, especially going from decaffeinated to regular. I just leave the settings the same regardless the beans, but then 99% of what I roast is the same greens.

Is this what you were asking about? or are you asking about a computed value from a range of roasts? If it’s the latter the closest you can come is to use Roast Analyzer in your R.W Dashboard → Roasts → Analyzer.


I think @banjac88.IORJ is looking for the average RoR values that Artisan provides for each of the 3 roast phases. RoasTime shows the time of each phase, but AFAIK it does not provide average RoR. Is it available in RT4?

Yes. Im asking for that!

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Ahhh… got it. A lot has grown in Artisan since I used it last. I think I’ll go back to my cave now! :woozy_face: