How to use downloaded Recipes from PC to Roaster

Can any kind soul go through the simple procedure of how to activate and play the Roast World recipes on the Bullet?

I tried one yesterday on RoasTime v2.5, and activated the Preheat; but I thought the roaster would alert me when it had reached the preheat temp, but it didn’t, and continued to rise passed the set preheat stage on the auto profile that I downloaded, so is this correct? Do I have to manually trigger each stage or?

Once one clicks the ‘Playback’ button on a RoasTime recipe, and then clicks ‘Start Preheat’; should the roaster issue an Alert when it’s reached the Preheat temp**?**

I’ve noticed on my roaster that it doesn’t, but continues to climb in temperature, and I’m forced to press the PRS button to activate the ‘Charge’ function, which then starts the roast automatically!

Hope someone can run through the sequence!