How to use stashed roasts and recipes?

I have never used a stashed roast before … I have saved the roast to “my stash” but cannot see how to get it into roastime .
I have refreshed my recipes in roastime but they dont appear
Can anyone tell me what Im doing wrong ?

Not sure. I don’t have internet where I roast, so I’m curious if this is something for everyone or just people who connect?


Best I can imagine is to roast along with the instructions and then save the roast for reference, modify to get the results you prefer, and then save it.

When you’re in Stashed Roasts you can use the Actions dropdown to choose how you’d like to use the roast. I like to use Create Recipe most often, but Playback and Overlay are also useful options.

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Thanks, will try it out

Look like there is a secondary tab or page in roast history, and it has “My Roasts” and “Stashed Roasts”

After you’ve stashed a recipe or roast in Roast.World, they will appear in the Stashed section of Roast.World. You can find your stashed roasts here and your stashed recipes here.

In RoasTime, these are automatically synced down once you start RoasTime and have an internet connection available. There is also a stashed roasts section as shown here:

You can view your stashed recipe as shown here:

As @drink_your_coffee mentioned, once you’re at these views in RT, you can click the actions button on each row of the table to perform actions with the recipe or roast.

If you start RoasTime and your stashed roasts/recipes haven’t synced, can you try re-logging into RT?


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What is a Hackathon Winner?

If you use a different size batch does the recipe adjust or do you have to manually make changes?

A Recipe turns on/off and adjusts Power, Fan and Drum speed at a Time or Temp you set in the Recipe. It also allows you to set Preheat Temp as well as starting Power, Fan and Drum Speed settings. Nothing in the Recipe makes compensations for a different charge weight. So…

A Recipe which works for a 500 gm roast will probably need adjusting if you change the charge weight to 1 kg. That adjustment has to be made by the operator. Changes are probably not dramatic but a larger charge weight is probably going to need a higher Preheat plus changes to initial Power and Fan settings and certainly changes during the roast. More bean mass means more heat to hit the same targets and it’s the profile (the shape of the temps and RoR curves vs. Time) which is most important to a successful roast. Roast duration and time events for 1Cs and possibly 2Cs have to be preserved when changing charge weight.

But a Recipe which works for a certain variety of greens will need less tweaking for a heavier charge weight. Variety is a big variable in Recipes.

And as usual this is just my opinion… YMMV.


What Bruce said above…

I typically have multiple Recipes for a particular bean based on batch size.

The bigger the batch size the higher the preheat and power settings.

I also have some more generic recipes to use as starting points.