Https:// site down?

Can’t get the Roast.World site to load today to add new beans and look at profiles.

Is the site down, moved, is it just me? I have no problems with other sites.

Pinging the server times out and I can’t get to the site from either my phone or my laptop.

Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

Yes, I’m getting a “timeout error” saying the site is taking too long to respond. Maybe it is down for maintenance or something.

Just came back up for me. Pings still down so it looks like they’ve configured the server to ignore pings. (common)

Ah, but I see my roast didn’t sync with the site. I’ll see if I can get it to sync when I’m done with the current roast. Both roasts synced with after I finished the second roast.

BTW, upgraded to 2.3.1 / 514 betas and the roasts went as expected. Haven’t tried to calibrate fan or any new features yet.

The site may still have a problem. I was able to successfully add beans to my inventory this morning by choosing an existing bean, but was only receiving a blank screen when trying to create a new bean.

Everything else I tried viewing, such as my roasts, looked good.

Yes, was down for 2 hours, 27 minutes and 5 seconds.

I create this public status page for you to check the server status.

The server is pretty vulnerable now. It might go down for many reasons, such as site scraping.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and we will improve the server reliability in the future.


Cool. Can you please put a link to that page on the main info page for Aillio?

Also, can you clarify your time zone? Since Aillio is in Denmark and Taiwan and sells in North America, clock times (even dates) make no sense without time zones. Might be best to use UTC and offer conversions.

Hey @kafei, it’s your turn. (right?

The public status page is a free service provided by the UptimeRobot. I think the time zone is UTC on the status page but they didn’t offer an option to display time zone base on the browser.

Although I’m willing to provide our own status page so I can do that for you, but since we are still working on overhauling RoastWorld, so I’m afraid I have to wait until the overhauling is over.


Fair enough!


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Lets get you moved over to Google Cloud :wink:

disclaimer, I work for Google Cloud.

Thanks for the advice but I think the root causes are more than just an infrastructure issue.