I-ROR lower on Roast Time than on Bullet

I have a situation where Roast Time is reporting I-ROR substancially lower than what is being reported on the Bullet. Has anyone else come across this? Any suggestions?

Hey, I don’t use RoasTime, but can you post a screen shot, or explain it a bit and I’ll go test it out.

Sorry if this ends up being posted twice. Tried replying a different way but i hasn’t shown up yet. When roasting the Bullet shows it’s I-ROR (15 in the picture). On Toast time it consistently shows lower (12.7 in the picture). Roast time ROR fluctuates a lot, particularly in the first half of the roast. Towards the end of the roast I might have ROR showing on the Bullet at say 6 and Roast time is showing 3.

I tried changing the usb adapter that I need to connect to the computer but didn’t make any difference. Ordered a new cable o see if that makes any dfference. We will see. Just strange though.

I’m not 100% sure but I suspect the difference relates to processing of I-RoR data by RT4 for curve smoothing. The Bullet is displaying the raw data. Also I’m not sure that you see all the I-RoR data on the Bullet display- iirc the display doesn’t update at the full data rate for any of the displayed measurements.


I expect there will be some differences and more fluctuations depending on how the data is processed, but it doesn’t seem to be even in the same ball park. Might try reinstalling RT4 and see if maybe that helps.

Maybe I’m just reading it all wrong. Is ROR on the bullet control panel the IIBTS or from the bean probe? I was looking at it as the I-ROR because bean temp is IBTS but maybe that’s not correct. That would explain the discrepancy. Why I didn’t notice that before, I have no idea. I guess just too busy figuring everything else out.

Only Bean ROR is shown on the Bullet display. IBTS-ROR is calculated and only shown in RT.

Thanks for confirming. Good to know that’s it’s just me and not my equipment.

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Ah, I was just about to fire up the cauldron

I’m sure you’ll find another excuse to start it up. Thanks for your help in any case

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