IBTS Cleaning

Perhaps a question for Jacob or one of the technical mavens.

Since we all know that coffee schmutz is only sparingly soluble in isopropanol. And we know that Cafex and the like is particularly good at getting rid of the schmutz (though I usually just use washing up detergent), is there any reason not to use Cafex/detergent on the IBTS?

My thoughts was a cotton swabdamp, but not wet, with Cafex/detergent solution one or two times; followed by several swaps damp with just water; followed by a dry swab; followed by a swab with isopropanol the get any remaining water and leave something easily evaporable.

Always being cautious not to squeeze out any liquid that might run into the electronics.

I guess the question is, are the IBTS lenses coated with something that would object to this treatment.



Good question. In the past I use to use lemon juice dabbed on a cotton swab followed by a swab with water and a final dry swab. Eventually I cut out the lemon juice as I also feared it could be too acidic for any potential coatings and only stuck with water after the fact. That’s worked for a long time for me, but I’d also like to hear others thoughts.

The Bullet guide from Sweet Maria’s recommends rubbing alcohol and Q-tips. I haven’t had any issues with this method. Using isopropyl alcohol and q-tips seems to work without any issues. I think this works well because the solution doesn’t leave any kind of streaks which could potentially interfere with the readings of the sensor.

Think Bruce has said this before, don’t expect to see a bunch of schmutz on your alcoholic q-tip, but it is getting cleaned.