IBTS failure in the middle of a roast

I installed a new IBTS assembly on a Bullet recently upgraded to V2. At first everything seemed fine and then in the middle of the roast the IBTS just failed. Temp dropped to -273 in the graph, zero on the display. The roast finished fine, although I had to use the old bean temperature number and I wasn’t getting anything out of the drum.

Here’s the graph:

And the log file has this:

HiBoard V2.0 / Serial 75 / Firmware 602
Info 29696: 65535
Error 13: 4
Error 15

These errors repeat about 100 times.

I tried cooling, unplugging and starting again. On every restart I get the beeps that signify an IBTS re-initialization. I replaced the IBTS because I was getting this from the old one after my V2 upgrade.

I’ve already sent this on to Matt at Aillio, but I wondered if anyone has been around this block before.

-273° lol
colder than a space telescope

Yes, tragically.

hopefully just loose/broken wire

My hope, too. The only wire I didn’t replace in the assembly is the blue one.

And of course, the main harness (shudder).

Check for a loose connector between IBTS and control board.

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