IBTS Negative Value After Cleaning

I deep cleaned my roaster yesterday and went to roast this morning, I now have a negative value for the IBTS sensor and I also have a red numeral 1 up by the roaster info (top right corner of RoastTime) when I click the red numeral 1 it too shows a negative value for the IR ambient temp. This only occurs AFTER I power up and start to preheat. My feedback on the left of the screen in roast time says -273.2 for the IBTS and the ambient says -188.3 in roster info. I have taken it back apart and checked all the connections, they appear solid. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Your connection between the IBTS module and the control board PCB is not working. Please push down all connectors into their sockets and restart the Bullet again.

I’ve done this numerous times. Still doesn’t work.

A tad more info. While connected to RoastTime and in preheat I get the above values. Once I switch to roast mode the IBTS sensor value starts jumping around and then settles back down to -273.2. The -188.3 in roaster info never changes.

that is because of a special algorithm it uses while roasting.
You could try to remove the IBTS and connect it to the control board next to each other. You can also try to visually inspect the connectors / sockets etc.