IBTS not recognised

My Bullet has a problem recognizing the new IBTS sensor. When starting cold the display shows reset and the bullet resets itself to the old IR sensor. If I then pull the power and restart, the bullet resets itself back to the new IBTS sensor . I checked the connections of the IBTS sensor and they seem ok, so I guess it is not because of a bad connection. Wat could be causing this?

Do you see anything in the error logs in RT?

Jacob, how do I access the error files?

Ah, just found out, it’s under the “i” , error log is empty…

  1. Can you tell me the RPM of the IR fan? It is shown in the info panel.
  2. How long do you wait after unplugging the power until you plug it back in? If you wait lets say 20 seconds will it still work?

RPM of the IR fan is around 12.000. The fan shows this rpm in IBTS mode and in IR mode when I start the pre heat.
If I unplug in IBTS mode, I can plug back in after about 2hours and the Bullet will still be in IBTS mode. If I plug back in after many hours, say 5 or so, the Bullet resets itself to IR mode. Then I can straight away unplug and replug to let de Bullet reset itself from IR to IBTS mode.
Hope this helps for diagnosing.

Oh, and one more thing, if the bullet resets after 5 hours to IR mode , the screen of the Bullet remains black during the reset, about 30 seconds…

@jacob, do you have any idea what is causing the resetting of the IBTS probe, given the information you asked me, and more relevant for me, what can be done about it. It seems to me the bullet is loosing strored information when disconnected…

Hi Peter,
The way it detects the IBTS is from the RPM of the micro fan that cools the IBTS. If this fan does not start up fast enough (maybe because something is blocking it) then it won’t register as IBTS. I have not seen this problem before so it is difficult to help you.
I have however compiled a new firmware 508 which give the fan a little bit more time to start up. Try this beta and let me know if it helps.

Thank you Jacob!

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Installed firmware 508. And problem is solved!
Thanks Jacob.

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I am not going to celebrate too early!

Can RT1 still be used with the latest firmware on an IBTS fitted R1 ? I came across a Roast Analyzer tool the other day but it only supported the v1 profiles…I know there are improvement plans afoot for the Roast Analyzer in Roast World but it looked like it offered some interesting insights…

Yes it can.

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@jacob I’m having the same issue with my bullet not recognizing the new IBTS sensor. My error log appears as follows:

28672 - 57671
28673 - 40564

The IR Fan RPM is at 16290. I’m currently running 475 stable. Would you advise me to switch to 508 Beta as well?

Yes please try 508