IBTS or not?

I have just discovered that not using the IBTS is interesting when relating temps to what other roasters are doing… as most do not have an IBTS the suggestions for city or city + would be for non IBTS… is this accurate ? I know I am an annoying newbie, but I am trying !!!

Bean probe temp is affected by a number of roaster dependent variables as well as individual roast dependent variables, such as ambient temp, charge size, drum speed etc.

I don’t think it is really possible to correlate bean temps from one roaster to another, except in the most general of senses, or even from one roast to another on the same roaster if any of the variables I mentioned above are significantly different.

I suggest for a newbie to get a bunch of cheap beans to experiment with and roast to several different IBTS temps and then correlate those temps to the color that comes out. Since color is approx 80% of the ultimate taste profile, once you figure that out, you will be most of the way there.

Don’t worry so much about timing at this stage, it is much less of the flavor profile, concentrate on finding the color you like.Then you can start playing around with timing.

Once you figure out how your roaster behaves, then start playing around with the good stuff.

Munchow suggests 9 mins to FC and three mins from FC to dump as a starting point.



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Prior to the Bullet I was using a homemade drum roaster, and using a meat thermometer with a wired probe as a bean probe. The ITBS temp on the Bullet tracks very closely to the temperatures I was getting before. FC is at almost exactly the same temperature and I was able to translate the recipes using ITBS. The bean temperature on the Bullet isn’t even close and I don’t even pay any attention to it anymore.