IBTS pre heat temps?

I installed my new IBTS updated firmware and software, restarted everything, all is well.
I just did a 250 c pre heat and did 300g of beans, I burnt the roast in 3 minutes, what an oily mess.

The old sensor I would use:
180 or 185 as a starting point for about 600g for a City Roast
195 for something a little darker or 750g of beans.

What pre heat temps are you roasters using now with the new IBTS ?

For 300gr, I would use ~230c.

Here’s what I gleaned, I was planning on doing several roasts of past crop with different pre-heat temps to help me decide what works best.



which firmware?

Firmware 475
RoastTime v 2.0.9

After installing my IBTS my “Bean temp” is running 100-110 C lower than the new IBTS “Drum temp” during preheating. That seems a BIG difference. I normally preheat for a 650gm charge to 175 C.

is there no manual advise? I mean temperature is temp C or F .

Thought the IBTS advantage is better in reading the temp.

I am still waiting for my kit ordered and paid. most probably delayed through the Chinese new year

I’m currently using RoasTime V2.0.8 with OSX with the latest roaster firmware. The default preheat temperature will not “stick” when changing from 160C to 300C. Everytime I start the roaster, I have to manually change the preheat to 300C. Will this be resolved in a future firmware update?

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I did three 400 g roasts of a past-crop Mexico Zongozotola Amarillo with the v1.5 Bullet with the IBTS sensor (FW 475, RT v2.0.8) with charge temps of 210, 230, and 250 C. I much preferred the 250 C roast.

Update: I noticed some scorching on the beans, 230 or 240 C or a better roast may be called for.

same for me 160 instead 300

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