IBTS sensor merging


Hey guys , I just started roasting 900g batches for the past few days… this has been happening. On smaller batches I haven’t had this issue. But as you can see IBTS merges with BT right after 1st crack. Is this an issue with IBTS sensor ? Maybe needs to be cleaned ? Or this is pretty normal.

Thank you for your feedback …


Hey dkrylov, not gonna say one way or the other if this is good or not. It happens to me also when I am roasting large batches. I believe it has everything to do with the thermal mass being large enough at those size batches, when the beans start to go exothermal, the mass available just keeps getting hotter and hotter and with increased air flow, the drum cools faster than what the beans will. I am usually so close to dropping when that occurs I haven’t worried much about it, and still have awesome results.


This has begun happening to me and recurs after only 5 or 6 454 gram roasts. I have to clean the IBTS with a dab of alcohol to remedy it…after every 5 or 6 roasts; quite a pain. If I do not do this, the curves will intersect 7 minutes into the roasts with the probe then indicating a temperature higher than the IBTS. I thought I read somewhere some time ago that it was an imperfect seal with the fan seating that caused this. I have taken the thing apart and attempting to re-seat the fan three times but I have been unable to get it secure. The rubber mount seems to be too flimsy …or more likely I’m just an idiot. That being the case, there are more than a few of us it seems, judging by other users roast curves


@Larz If your sensor gets dirty so easily, then its not installed properly / not sitting properly in the silicone.
You can read the guide here to seat it properly (page 5)



I would check if the IBTS is clean.
If there are problems with the IBTS sensor getting dirty then you can try to seal the plastic part to the silicone part with a little bit of RTV silicone around the edge. It should not be necessary but can help.


On a large batch size, over time, the bean probe reading will become more and more accurate and therefore closer and closer to the IBTS temp. If you think about this it makes sense, as a drum full of beans will result in much more heat being transferred to the probe. This is why, for instance, with a low batch size of 350g, the bean probe will never really catch up to the IBTS and your first crack temperatures will appear far lower. Whether the tendency for the bean probe temp to exceed the IBTS by a few degrees on large batches over time is an indication that the emissivity of the IBTS could be adjusted further is still unclear. Our early experiments indicate the emissivity setting is on point, but we plan to take the tests a step further once we can design a rig to dial everything in with more precision. For now, however, we’re quite happy with how consistent the IBTS is as a reference point across different batch sizes – that’s what matters most and what makes it far superior to the old probe.


Thank you Jonas. Yes, as I mentioned in my post, I’ve attempted to re-seat it properly 3 times… the problem is no doubt with the idiot at the end of the screw driver here. Next attempt I’ll begin before I have a couple of scotch, not after.


Makes a lot of sense, I checked my sensor and there is nothing wrong with it. Everything seems to be clean , and no issues.


LOL, who knows, that might help!
As Jacob said, you can also try with to seal it up with a small amount of silicone.
If you are using roastime, please confirm how fast the IR Fan is running -


Jonas, the IR fan is running at 15840 RPM.,…sounds smokin’ fast.


That sounds about right.
Have you updated to the latest firmware and calibrated your exhaust fan?
You can go to menu item 6 and press the top left button - then wait for it to calibrate. I would really like to find out what is causing this issue.

Next time you have it off, please take some pics and share them so that I can see if something is wrong or not.



Yes I previously calibrated my exhaust fan Jonas. I have a tight schedule for a couple days but will be reinstalling the IBTS shortly and will send some pics and let you know if I discovered obvious user error with the previous installation(s). Thanks


I can confirm the curve differences between a load of 500-600 gr vs. 900 gr. When the batches are relatively small, the IBTS and BT run almost parallel during the full roasting process. However, when I roast 900 gr, the curves merge and even cross a liter around 200 C. At the. e end of the roast I rend to focus on the IBTS curve. For the larger volumes this means that I focus on the lower temp indicating IBTS. I wondered whether there is something wrong, but now I think that indeed the BT is more accurate with larger bean volumes compares to smaller ones. The IBTS is more stable. My machine has the IBTS and the new power board, both installed afterwards. For 500-600 gr batches I use a preheating temp of 230C and for 900 gr 285C.


Jonas , further to all this, I reinstalled the IBTS in an effort to determine if that as an issue. As I mentioned, previously it did not feel securing mounted (“wiggly” being the term I used), after reinstalling it 3 times. Once again after dismantling the thing, it had become looser than desirable , with light visible around the base. HOWEVER, I discovered that by using a center punch and large hammer I was able to force the two pins further into the silicone/rubber base , thereby creating a tighter, more secure mount, eliminating any light around the edges. (OK, so i didn’t really use a hammer :wink: but the center punch gave me the careful leverage I needed to force the pins all the way into their intended receptacles. ). I have done a few roasts and will report back as to whether this was the source of the problem… I am almost certain it was. I guess I exercised an overabundance of caution previously when connecting the pins. Perhaps that is responsible for the problems others have had with this also.