IBTS Upgrade Help

I was just attempting the IBTS upgrade to my Bullet, and I thought everything went well. I was in the solder camp, and that part went well I think. I then installed the new sensor and put everything back together. The Bullet turned on and I could go through all the roasting cycles on the machine. But, my roaster no longer would connect to RoasTime. I went back and looked over my connections and made sure the micro USB port was in the correct position. I put everything back together again and it still was not working, but in the process I must have screwed something else up because the display stopped working as well. I went back and redid all of my connectors and the display still will not work. I don’t know exactly what I did or where I screwed up, but I need some help.

It has been 2 1/2 years. Did you get this sorted? I just installed the IBTS in mine. haven’t tried it out yet.