IBTS vs pre-IBTS preheat question

Received a new Bullet R1 last week! Updated FW 475 and RT 2.08.
I looked for some roasting guidelines from old posts and learned some people would preheat to DT 200c / BT 200c, then charge. This setting seemed not possible on the new Bullet. I waited for over 30min, the IR drum temp reached to 200c, but BT was only at 120c, and didn’t see it’d go higher. Does anyone preheat till both DT&BT reach to the same temp? or the new Bullet IBTS doesn’t read that anymore?

Hello willchu77 and welcome to the bullet community!
As you have a brand new Bullet it will most likely have the new IBTS already. This means that you can not compare “old” profiles with regards to the preheat temperature as they are much higher with the IBTS. Have a look at the online manual page 28: “Recommended pre-heating temperatures”

Thank you Lav! That confirmed my presumption about the sensors. Yes, already read page28 many times.

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I am confused. Is the table on page 28 saying that the preheat temperature for 1000g should be 200 degrees C if you don’t have IBTS and 300 degrees if you do have IBTS?

Yes that’s correct. The values with the new IBTS are higher.

Sorry, I must be missing something. Does setting the preheat temperature to 300°C in a roaster with IBTS actually preheat the drum to 300°C? If so, aren’t I going to get Critical Error 2 (Drum temperature exceeds 220°C)? Or does that error now occur only when the reading is 320°C?

Is there something in the documentation or on the board that I can read that will help me understand why two different temperatures are listed on page 28?

The limits for the drum temp are automatically changed (increased) when an IBTS is detected.
The manual is missing that part though.

Thanks Jacob. I’m still unsure whether 300 is the real temperature of the drum. But I’ll start another thread since this is making question all of temperature readings I am getting on the roaster.