IBTS wildly inaccurate after deep clean

[First time posting here so forgive me if this is not in the right place]

After a recent deep clean, my IBTS started giving wildly inaccurate readings. After the deep clean, the IBTS reading seemed to be reading quite low as the roast progressed. I reached first crack at around 360 degrees F, which I knew couldn’t be right. So I removed the faceplate and cleaned the IBTS sensor with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab as recommended. After that, the IBTS started reading far too high to be accurate. I didn’t reach first crack on the same bean until 410 degrees F this time. Again, I knew this couldn’t be right.

I’m afraid I’ve somehow damaged the IBTS or some other component unknowingly. The only possibility for this that I can think of is that I used a flathead screwdriver to scrape gunk off the inside of the faceplate while cleaning and that is somehow affecting the IBTS, although I know I didn’t hit the sensor with the screwdriver.

Does anyone there have an idea of what could be going wrong?

Bump for the brain trust. I’m seeing a similar issue, but I’m having it after just cleaning the impeller and chaff baskets.

I’d start simple by checking if everything is truly in its place and sitting right. It’s not really a walk in the park reassembling the Bullet. The faceplate, even if you don’t notice it, might not be screwed back properly, which is affecting the readings. Same for the chaff collector. Once that’s done, we would need to know how large your batch is, your preheat levels, BT readings… To simplify, all the information available including the two profiles you think are wrong and one you think was right. Of course, same bean, same settings, same batch size. Then we’ll see if there’s anything that could be done, or you need to cointact Aillio or your retailer.

Edit: It would take a lot of effort to get to the sensor with the screwdriver. You shouldn’t be using it to clean the faceplate, but I think you’ve had a better chance at damaging the BT sensor while doing it.