I'd love to see this as the Bullet v3

I’d love to see the next bullet trade the current physical interface with an LCD screen. Don’t beep “A-02” at me, pop up a “are you still there? tap the screen”. My quick and dirty rendition stealing the LCD from the AiO.

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Bonus points if I can upgrade my V2 to this.


It should be possible to change the A-02 to RU OK ? with the existing panel. I’ll say here while screens are nice for display and some things are nice as a touch screen, not everything benefits from a touch screen button. A physical button is very easy to find and press. Sometimes stabbing at a touch screen to get it to listen is not progress IMHO…

@jacob any chance that might make it to the next firmware to do list ? A-02 scares the jeepers out of some people…

Well I guess in theory the control panel could be “updated” of itself. Of course the tooling and R&D costs and component shortage may make you clench a little in the buttocks department…

FWIW… I prefer physical buttons… can’t stand touch screen … I am begrudgingly on the iphone because BlackBerry with the physical keyboard is “dead” - I make a whole lot more mistakes typing on the iphone :laughing:


Or, at the very least, when using a computer to control the roaster, disable the A-02 when input is given by computer. Needing to push an additional button on the control panel even when adjustment have just been made is mildly annoying.


I actually don’t mind the beep on A-02 when I am in manual mode, to give me a time indicator for data, but it could def go in recipes and playbacks.

The problem is still liability. What’s to stop you starting a roast via a recipe and walking away for the next fifteen minutes and a fire results. The computer can’t do anything….

Sadly this litigation happy society means that’s here to stay…

I get that part, but when you are making the manual adjustments using the computer interface, rather than the control panel… it almost makes using the computer interface pointless.

But I do get your point that its important to CYA.

Ah okay - I always make changes on the roaster as I like buttons not pecking things on the screen…I guess they could figure out whether the command was coming from a recipe or playback vs a person at the computer. But I think the dead mans switch is actually driven through firmware rather than a command in USB protocol…