I'd love to see this as the Bullet v3

I’d love to see the next bullet trade the current physical interface with an LCD screen. Don’t beep “A-02” at me, pop up a “are you still there? tap the screen”. My quick and dirty rendition stealing the LCD from the AiO.

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Bonus points if I can upgrade my V2 to this.


It should be possible to change the A-02 to RU OK ? with the existing panel. I’ll say here while screens are nice for display and some things are nice as a touch screen, not everything benefits from a touch screen button. A physical button is very easy to find and press. Sometimes stabbing at a touch screen to get it to listen is not progress IMHO…

@jacob any chance that might make it to the next firmware to do list ? A-02 scares the jeepers out of some people…

Well I guess in theory the control panel could be “updated” of itself. Of course the tooling and R&D costs and component shortage may make you clench a little in the buttocks department…

FWIW… I prefer physical buttons… can’t stand touch screen … I am begrudgingly on the iphone because BlackBerry with the physical keyboard is “dead” - I make a whole lot more mistakes typing on the iphone :laughing:


Or, at the very least, when using a computer to control the roaster, disable the A-02 when input is given by computer. Needing to push an additional button on the control panel even when adjustment have just been made is mildly annoying.


I actually don’t mind the beep on A-02 when I am in manual mode, to give me a time indicator for data, but it could def go in recipes and playbacks.

The problem is still liability. What’s to stop you starting a roast via a recipe and walking away for the next fifteen minutes and a fire results. The computer can’t do anything….

Sadly this litigation happy society means that’s here to stay…

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I get that part, but when you are making the manual adjustments using the computer interface, rather than the control panel… it almost makes using the computer interface pointless.

But I do get your point that its important to CYA.

Ah okay - I always make changes on the roaster as I like buttons not pecking things on the screen…I guess they could figure out whether the command was coming from a recipe or playback vs a person at the computer. But I think the dead mans switch is actually driven through firmware rather than a command in USB protocol…


Huge plus one to this.

Having physical buttons really reduces the UI/UX of this machine. The Bullet can communicate so much more information if they had a touch screen.
I think the AiO has one though…

For what it’s worth, I like physical buttons and simple firmware.

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No, don’t replace physical buttons with touch screen buttons. It was a fad which is gradually reversing. By all means fit a better screen for data. Or plug in your computer. Or pair it to a tablet over Bluetooth like the Decent espresso machine. But please leave us buttons.



If I was the Bullet King, V3 would replace the round control panel for a rectangle. The increased real estate would have dedicated rotary encoders for P/D/F along with dedicated readouts for each—no more hitting Function buttons to switch modes. RoR, IBTS, and bean temp would also have dedicated readouts. Function over form.

And that oddball exhaust port would be replaced with a port that accepts standard ductwork sizes.


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yeah, that’s fair. I didn’t know so many people still want buttons, so having them makes sense.

But I do wish that there’s feature parity between the computer/button interface – or at least everything that can be done through buttons can also be done on the computer.

I think as is, I can’t set my charge/initial configurations on the computer right? That has to be done by cycling through the buttons?

If you’re roasting without a computer you can set most of the defaults (except now initial Fan speed) on the front panel.

If you are going the computer route, you could set up a simple recipe with just one step that sets things for you once Charge is noted. You can then fly it manually from there - Recipe doesn’t lock you out from over rides on either the computer or the roaster panel.

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I feel that physical buttons are safer, i wouldn’t want a touch screen on roaster.