Ideal input Voltage for the Rocket R1 V2

We got our Bullet on December 05, 2019, Sl. No. 002276. The initial three seasoning roasts went well, first roast too. Had some issues with subsequent two roasts with the roaster turning off mid roast for a second or so and coming back on.

All of the above was on a generator. Nest roast on main line went fine. It was a possible board failure or a power blimp. So, to make sure, have not used the roaster but have ordered a 3KVa Online UPS, also as a safeguard against power cuts that our town is very prone to.

The UPS has selectable output of 208 / 220 / 230 / 240 VAC.

What would be the ideal input for the Bullet, 220 - 240 V?

Hi cash0612 - and welcome to the Rocket/Bullet world :slight_smile:

You should be good to go with 230V - the V2 is self regulating so that it always pull the same wattage no matter small fluctuations…

Happy Holidays

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