I have just recently installed the IBTS the log does not register the sensor but the IBTS rpm does register on the log but only around
15,000 RPM any suggestions? Solutions? Running firmware v558

I’m not sure I understand the problem. Can you elaborate please?

I’ve just (two days ago) installed the IBTS and updated the firmware to v558. After several attempts of plugging and unplugging the roaster and the USB to the laptop the roaster then allowed me to set the preheat above 205c. All good there.
The log displays “0” next to the IBTS symbol and the IBTS fan display shows fluctuating fan speeds from15,000 to 30,000 during a roast.
Any suggestions for a fix.

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@jacob will get back I’m sure, but in the mean time…

If you have over 15,000 RPM your IBTS fan is doing great. The typical failure for the IBTS fan is RPM too low (less than 5,000 RPM). Dunno what to make of the jump to double RPM.

However, the title of this thread says IGBT which is the type of semiconductor used to control induction power on the power board. If you have a 120 VAC Bullet V1.5 as I do, I only see 1 active IGBT fan active: IGBT1 Fan is operating but IGBT2 fan shows zero. Is that what you were concerned about?


Thank you for your response Bruce…so I get it now. I thought the 2nd IGBT fan display was in fact reading a temp for the IBTS sensor,my mistake, no wonder Jacob sounded a bit confused about my quire.
My Roastery is in a storage room in the bottom floor of our home so when I mentioned the rpm at 15,000 it may in fact of been 1,500.
Getting late here but will fire up the roaster and laptop and check the rpm rate first thing tomorrow to confirm,and will report back.

15,000 RPM is probably right. At 1,500 RPM your Bullet will shut off power.


Okay Bruce ,Jacob all good now the IBTS fan is in fact reading 15,000/16,000 consistently now,so happy camper here! I was even
(With the help of my son) able to import my RT1 roasts to RT2
Ready to Dance, of course at a socially acceptable distance!