I'm looking a a used Bullet


I’m looking at a used Bullet, it’s never been setup or used, it was purchased when the pre orders were offered, it has a European plug installed on the unit, I am in the USA, The USA is at 60 cycles or Hertz, will I have problems using this unit in the US.?
I will have to put in a 220 line.
Has there been any changes to the Aillio Bullet R1 since the first shipped models? Are there two USB ports on all the models? I am a Mac user so I would wait for that.
Is there any good reasons why I should not buy this? The best reason to buy it’s a half hour drive from my house. Any input would be appreciated.


Buy it. Upconverters on eBay are not expensive. However check with Ailio on the cycles and upgrades needed. Here is their email address: support@aillio.com


@Bergertone did you end up buying the unit and if so what wattage transformer are you using? I’m about to bring my 220v machine over to the US and looking to buy a transformer to suit


I did buy it. I did my first roast today, beautiful roast, too bad the first five go to the trash. I put in a 220 line wired into my breaker box, there was a double space open for the new breaker, I used a double 30w breaker, (30w+30w =60). I’m not sure if all houses have 220 coming into the house I’m not a electrician. I did need to use an odd looking plug, you don’t want to plug a iron into this pug. I had a friend do it for coffee. Good luck.


Good to hear you got it up and running! Unfortunately I don’t have the option to hardwire it but I’ll figure something out.


So I bought the used, never used Bullet, it was a preorder model with the original tiny chaff collector, it came with the new larger collector and some tubes of epoxy, I figured out they were for the back of the control panel, correct? I just watched the two videos, I imagine it’s probably a good idea to coat the board in this stuff. Any tips from someone who’s done this already, the video with the completed coating seems like it didn’t do the whole board, (I know the connectors should be avoided) but they didn’t do the far corners.


I followed the video which explained in pretty good detail what needs to be done. Be sure to take a photo of all the connectors prior to removing so you know where to plug them back in after. Also be sure not to get any epoxy on the harness connectors.


I see the video and then i made it, very very easy to do and im really not a tech guy.