I'm looking for an Espresso Roast Recipe


Does anyone have a roast recipe to share that will make a dark roast for Espresso?

I’m searching the community and there aren’t any descriptions of the roasts and so I don’t know if I’m downloading a good/bad recipe and I don’t know what style it will be.

My first roast wasn’t that good and I’d like to see what a good one looks like!

Thank you!



lets start off by asking what coffee beans are you using? are you planning on using a single orgin or a blend? I don’t do dark roast espresso, does your espresso have to be dark roast?




Thanks for the response. I’m using a Guatemalan Arabica single source.

It doesn’t have to be a dark roast.



@brightlandcoffee, I’m using a single sourced Guatemalan Arabica bean. I’m open to a light roast for sure. I just want to get a roast correct for once. haha


That might be an interesting espresso. But the key to making coffee suitable for espresso is make sure it’s soluble enough to get good extraction under pressure and little water. I prefer to do a fast first crack and longer time after crack (development). But with a drop temp similar to my roasts for filter coffee. I hope this makes sense.


that makes sense. Do you have a recommended bean and a spare .JSON file laying around I could try?


I’ve had good results with Burundi. Unfortunately i dont have a file for you to use. I should do a better job with creating and storing useable files. My recommendation is to just experiment because things can vary widely from bean to bean.


If you create and save a good one, I’ll welcome with open arms. I’m a complete novice and continue to either burn or undercook.


I’ll try and run down a typical roast for espresso. 900 grams costa rica honey process. I’ll aim for 9.30 to 10min first crack. once I hit first crack I’ll crank up the airflow and cut the heat and aim for a 3 min dev time and try not to exceed 410 degrees Fahrenheit. The reason I don’t have files is because I’l’ scale this up for roasting on an Diedrich IR12 roaster.

for filter coffee I’ll aim for same drop temp but gentle first crack at 11min and 2 min dev time. same 13min roast time, and same drop temp.

when I roast on the R1 i have to keep in mind it’s limitations and the limitations of the IR12. it’s critical that I can replicate roasts between both machines.

hope this helps.