Impeller Fan Oiling

I got an error 01, the impeller fan does not run smooth anymore, (yes I cleaned and it not touching the back) I have both backs off (right and left) can I add some machine oil somewhere or will I need to order a new motor?

Haven’t experienced that one so this is just a WAG. If it’s not running smoothly I would suspect impeller balance first. Or the easy one: the impeller isn’t tight on the shaft. Beyond that I suppose it’s down to the motor. Need to start with a trouble ticket. Can you actually feel the vibration?


Looking for a quick fix, I’m out of coffee. I filled out a ticket. I ran the bullet with both the backs off, I had to help it start up very sluggish. It won’t start on it’s own.

Ahhh. I can only guess it’s worn, or oil/crud crept into the bearing from the impeller shaft. No idea how to get to the sealed bearing. Curious: what age is your exhaust fan?

Out of coffee? Yikes! I understand the urgency! I kept my old HotTop as a backup but at this point I’m not sure I could operate it without screwing up the roast.


Serial number 00185 an older one, lots of roast. I’ll have to take the Behmor out of retirement.

Hope the Behmor handles coming out of retirement better than I would! :slight_smile:


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Good luck. I had to go back to my old Behmor for a few weeks while waiting on an induction board. It was a rough few roasts, forgot nearly everything I knew and that machine was not happy to come out of hypersleep.

Does it do this only when at F1?
You could try to do a calibration to see if that helps. Also check if the RPMs are shown in roastime.

I did a calibration, I got the link from tech support. It works now but sluggish at starting up, I also tried to clean the impeller shat then dropped a couple tiny drops of oil on the shaft. I am ordering a new fan I have a feeling it’s going to bog down again.