Impeller Fan Screw replacement

Hi All,
I was cleaning my R1.5 (which I have done 4x so far) and lost the screw that secures the impeller fan to the shaft. I have searched the net for a replacement kit (no luck shipping to U.S.) or at least the size of the screw so I can try to find a replacement. Do any of you have a go to supplier or any ideas?

I think I have figured out it’s a M3 Internal Hex Drive screw but not positive on size. I guess the better question to everyone is - Is there a parts list for the bullet including screws, fans, cables, etc?

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Have you reached out to support?

I belive that it is an M4 x 10 set screw (4mm major diameter by 10mm long)

You can find them on Amazon but you have to be careful. If the set screw is a different weight, it might cause an imbalance of the impeller. After replacing the set screw, you should run the fan calibration.

I have a bullet Version 2. so it is possible that the set screw might be a different size, but I doubt it.

@duckduckcoffee I did and am waiting on a response.

@BillC I did order that exact kit since it covered m3-8. M4 makes sense but I didnt think about recalibration of the fan - good call. Thank you both for the replies. If I get a detailed parts list from aillio, i will post it here.

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