Import Bean Inventory?

Has anyone considered a feature to import from an online bean retailer into the bean inventory? It would be great if I could go into my account in Sweet Marias and export my order and then import it into my bean inventory. I’m new so maybe there is a way to do this but I have’t found it if there is.

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I asked Sweet Maria’s to add their beans to Roast World so we don’t have a mess of 8 entries for the exact same bean (isn’t the point that we all use the same bean entry and share data?). They said they don’t have time to devote to that kind of task and they aren’t interested in pursuing an “add to inventory” option on their site either.

This doesn’t make sense to me. Adding a bean to Roast World takes less than 5 mins. We’re talking one person inputting data for about 30 min per week based on how often they add new beans. Sweet Maria’s is the primary distributer of both Bullets and green coffee to Bullet owners in the US. By the way, other distributors already do something like this for RoastID. Wouldn’t it be a MASSIVE selling point that buying this particular roaster from Sweet Maria’s makes bean management a breeze, and that buying your green coffee from Sweet Maria’s means that you’re roasting on the “same page” as everyone else who is contributing data to Roast World?

Sweet Maria’s sells the Bullet, but they’re not leveraging their primary product (green coffee) to make the Bullet and it’s associated database more attractive to buyers who are also considering the Bullet’s competitors.