[IMPORTANT] 2.0.9-beta USB issues

Hey everyone,

Yesterday we released the 2.0.9-beta with some really cool changes… Unfortunately, we were alerted by a multitude of people that the roaster no longer connected! Upon some late night investigating, we found that there is a recent issue in the USB library we use for communication where building from OSX Mojave (where we do builds from now) now causes issues with some other operating systems.

If you are affected by this issue (likely most High Sierra users), please downgrade back to 2.0.8 as we work to get this issue resolved and rebuilt for you. I apologize for any troubles this may have caused you.


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Are there release notes for 2.0.9-beta?


Hi Matthew. Quick question, I hope…

Why, after the intent is mentioned to have stable, beta and alpha releases, do BETA releases show up in the RT2 update chain? I’d expect when I check for an update, I’d get a stable release. Users should have to do something special to get a beta release, rather than just check for updates. Or are all RT2 releases now labeled as beta (which would actually make sense based on observed release quality)?