Important Features for Consistent Roasting

Since I have been roasting on my Bullet I have found the need to point out some important tools that need to be implemented or improved upon.

  1. ROR

The ROR reading is NOT legible, as the ROR reading is being displayed to frequent.
I suggest smoothing it out a little by displaying an average of 1-15s.

This needs to be played around with, in order to get an accurate ROR profile to show enough detail and not hide a crash in ROR, but not to accurate as to camouflage all the data it’s supposed to show**(can’t see the forrest for the trees)**.

Or better yet, give us the control to customize our ROR curve by giving us the power to select over how much time we want an average reading displayed!

  1. % Of Roast After FC
    The Data is there. After roasting is finished, the profile will have a little bar on the bottom displaying % of roast time from charge to yellow, from yellow to FC, and most importantly from FC to Finish.
    This information is very much needed during roasting, as it is recommended to finish a roast at 20-25% after FC.

I suggest a tracking bar to track % of roast and rear % after FC.

  1. Mark Turnaround on the graph
    This is not a necessity, but would be a nice.

Please consider this to help roasters achieve consistency and improve the art of roasting.

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My roast time does show the % of roast after FC. So maybe it’s in the settings? I haven’t messed with mine at all tho, just installed and went to roasting.

I’d also love to be able to see the point I dropped my previous batch at when using the overlay feature. The time and temperature. I miss that from using Artisan

This software is definitely a work in progress. I’d like to see it use standardized language that most of us are used to. Not sure I’m reading you post correctly but the % is there at the end of the roast. The turnaround seems to be the point where RoR starts to rise. I’ve watched it switch from negative to positive and that seems to be the case. The Development % and temp rise after FC are at the top during the roast. I think we need to see more control over the software in the form of options similar to Artisan, since most of us seem to be familiar with that platform.