IMPORTANT: The new Roast.World is moving out of Beta. You will soon need to upgrade to RoasTime 3 in order to continue using the service

Long story short version:

  • As stated in our prior newsletter and an email we sent out to all users over the weekend, we are moving on from the old Roast.World and RoasTime 2 this week.

  • Because RoasTime 2 only directly syncs with the old Roast.World, you will need to upgrade to RoasTime 3 to continue using the new Roast.World.

  • RoasTime 3 installation instructions are provided here. This page also provides a beginner’s lesson on using RoasTime and Roast World. (Please be aware that if you want to migrate RoasTime 2 recipes over to RoasTime 3, you will need to carefully follow the special instructions on this page, or risk losing those old recipes forever.)

  • The new Roast.World is currently accessible from, the beta will automatically point to the new version once we move the servers.

  • The old Roast.World will be moved to, and RoasTime 2 will continue to sync with it temporarily, to allow users a grace period to upgrade.

  • When you first login to the new Roast.World, some of your more recent roasts may be missing until they are resynced. Don’t worry, we’ll sync them.

  • You can read about the upcoming changes in more detail here.

Thanks everyone!


Today we have officially begun the process of moving the new RoastWorld over to !!!

This move won’t happen all at once for everyone. It may take about 24 hours before the domains are fully propagated, during which times SSL may be broken, and you may have trouble logging in to Roast.World and the Community. If you’re having troubles logging in, please try clearing cookies and site data.

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I backed up my recipes as instructed but I don’t see any directions on how to upload these saved recipes into RT 3 or the new Roast World. Anyone know how to accomplish this?

As I recall, the d/l of roasts has a button in the upper Recent Roasts area of RT3. If you haven’t viewed any roasts yet the d/l option won’t be visible. Click on any roast to view it, then click Return (upper left in the ribbon). Now, with an entry in YOUR VIEWED ROASTS, you should see (upper right above the box) “Want to upload a backup from RT2?” Click on that and you should be on your way. (Hope you remember where you saved the data!)


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