Importing profiles and other observations

When I used the drag and drop import into V2.09, all entries imported as unknown. I spent a day manually updating them But of interest was the default country as Taiwan. Several times I would change this to Ethiopia but it would not get saved and required several attempts. This did not happen with every profile but with most. Issue also occurred when entering a new bean not listed. Oh BTW, I searched for a specific bean, and it wasn’t found. I tried by deleting a word at a time to no avail. However, manual searching did find the bean listed. Something wrong with the search function???

I was having trouble with the default country of Taiwan when creating new and editing existing beans in Roast Word. Bug?

Yes, it’s a bug. Sorry for the inconvenience, It’s now fixed.
Thank you for the report.

Could you provide the bean URL by clicking the Share button on the bean page and the search keyword?

Hi Daryl,
In my posting I was referring to the “Find Beans” under the parent “Beans” found at this URL: when I log into my account. Let me know if this isn’t clear. Jaime

Sorry, I mean the link of the specific bean you searched for.

Proyecto Xinabajul Rosalio Villatoro

There were about 5 that didn’t show up but now searching, they do…maybe because I added them to my list they show up in bean search?