Improve RoastTime App Scaling So All Info Fits on Screen

Right now, when you try to analyze a roast, the RoastTime app does not allow to see all of the data on the screen at the same time. You need to scroll down to see X-axis with the time markers and Bullett settings, but when you do that you can no longer see the ROR, Bean Temp, Drum Temp, and Exit Temp readings that appear in colored boxes at the top of the screen. The first picture below is a screenshot of the app in fullscreen mode, without scrolling down - your can see ROR, Bean Temp, Drum Temp, and Exit Temp readings near the top. But, as shown in the second screenshot below, if you scroll down to see what time these readings occurred at, and the power, drum speed, and fan speed settings at that time, you can no longer see the ROR, Bean Temp, Drum Temp, and Exit Temp readings:

You should be able to see all the data at once.

Just my $0.02.

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Hi @SanDiegoMV, thanks very much for your feedback, it is a tricky one maximising chart size but also allowing for the large amount of different screen sizes and ratios out there. I will look closer at this and make some improvements for these display safe zones. :+1:

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Thanks for the prompt response and you interest. :coffee:

Perhaps a layout like this could help… then maybe all the whitespace at the bottom of the image could be repurposed.

Ohh yeah, we are fixing this. Hopefully for the next release this will have changed.

Yes, all data are better to see now. It’s also fantastic that, when you float with the mousepointer over the graph, to see what temperatures, etc. there are in that part of the graph. What I’m missing is the time at that moment. You can read it from the x-axis, but that’s not detailed enough. So, can you also show the time in mm:ss at a specified point?