In profile preview - Bean Temp displayed for FC & End Temp instead of IBTS

Hi Aillio Team!

I have just noticed with some updates that when I want to go back & preview a profile that the FC & End Temp is only displayed as the IBTS Temp.

Would it be possible to also have the option to choose to display the Bean Temp instead - instead of having to scroll over the profile to see it? I don’t refer to the IBTS at all except for the preheat/start & only use the Bean Temp when roasting.

And is it possible to reinstate the marking of the Bean Temp on the profile when noting key events?

Many Thanks!

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If you go to the settings > roast config > Primary measure, change that to Probe, then you will see results for the bean probe instead of IBTS for any milestones etc.

Thanks Jacob - sorry I was referring to when looking at a profile in Roast World in Profile Preview not in Roast Time. It would be great if we could choose to only see the Bean Temp for FC & End Temp & not the IBTS temp in that preview instead of scrolling over the profile.

But what’s funny - I just noticed that when I view other users profiles it shows Bean Probe - just not on mine?
How would I get it to show Bean Probe on my Profile Preview in Roast World?

That actually sounds strange. It should show you as you configured your RoasTime. If this is set to primary measure being IBTS then it will show milestones for the IBTS. So set it to Bean Probe if this is what you are aiming for. If this does not work, then please send me the profiles that differ and I will ask someone to look into it.

a thing you can try is looking at a profile, then at the same time open up RoasTime and change the config. RW should update the graph without you having to refresh anything…which I think is pretty cool.

Hi Jacob!

It looks like it has righted itself & is now displaying the Bean Probe!

As you said - pretty cool!

Awesome! Thanks so much for taking the time to respond!

Much Appreciated!

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