Include structured fields for bean color and structured field for color scale

Just started using Roastime after using Artisan on my 3e for almost a year. One puzzling omission in Roastime is the lack of fields for entering (and then later searching and sorting in Roast.World) bean color (whole and ground). Morten Munchow’s research shows that after green bean quality, the roasted bean color determines around 80% of the flavor profile. In addition, time and drop temp interact, such that a longer development time requires a lower drop temp to get the same color. Artisan has fields built in for whole and ground, along with a pull down to indicate scale (e.g, colortrack, Agtron, etc.). These are much needed in Roastime.


Yes I would like to see it too. I have been recording the numbers in the notes section of the roast edit page but I would like to see a dedicated spot to record the numbers also!!!

What devices do you use to measure bean colour?

I’m using RoastVision (aka Espresso Vision) which only measures using grounded beans. I too have been inputting the reading into the notes field.

Dipper KN-201. It was the cheapest device I could find that did whole and ground. I believe that ground is more important than whole though. In any case, it works quit well. If I had more money to spend I would probably go with the Lighttells CM200 because it also can do grind particle size measures.

Saw online all these devices (Espresso Vision, Dipper KN-201, Lighttells CM100 and CM200).
Not considering Lighttells because of the price.
Was trying to find online feedback for Dipper KN-201 but it doesn’t seems to be that popular.

I’m happy with the Dipper. It is small, comes nicely packed in a carrying bag, and is easy to use. I typically do three readings and then average. Consistent preparation of the sample is key. I don’t know why it isn’t more popular.


I have the Lighttells CM 100. I too would have liked the CM 200 but being Canadian the $1000 US price difference was just more than I could do. I am happy with the CM100.

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